Commercial Video Surveillance System, Cleveland, OH

Black Box CCTV offers commercial surveillance system technology upgrades and replacements in and around Cleveland, Ohio with design, training, and installation support to businesses, schools, universities, government, and retail. We specialize in advanced CCTV cloud-based video surveillance systems with AI technology that leverage installed systems whether analog or IP cameras using cat, twisted pair, or even coax wire to capitalize instantly upgraded capabilities. Every commercial video surveillance system is custom designed specifically for you based on your need and current infra-structure.

By using advanced commercial video surveillance system services and equipment from our partners at Eagle Eye Network, 10-year warranty cameras from ICReal Time, and long-reach power over ethernet solutions from NVT Phybridge, we haven’t been stumped yet.

Our commercial surveillance system service includes design, all system hardware, and training to supplement or fully replace your current system to take advantage of a complete end to end, closed, and secure system with no on-site software and minimal to no IT support requirement (see Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS: Are You Faster Than a 6th Grader?).

Commercial surveillance system service upgrades when using our cloud VMS.

Whether you have 1 or 1000 cameras, in Cleveland, Ohio or world-wide, you can have an instant upgrade to include smart AI search capability, License Plate Recognition (LPR), line crossing count settings, line crossing, exclusion zone settings, or loitering settings with notification capability. Extend and control video retention camera by camera from 7 days to 5 years. Unlimited camera layouts and unlimited tags (camera by camera) to instantly see views based on your tags, and unlimited users with granular admiration permissions, single platform for all your sites, and compliance satisfaction.

And most important, mitigate your risk and liability if your on-site hard drives fail and you really need that forensic video by using your cloud backup.