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Our skilled group at Black Box CCTV is trusted by many clients in Akron and other parts of Ohio. We are a partner of Eagle Eye Networks and IC Real Time, providing high-quality CCTV solutions and product to upgrade a current system, meet a current need, or even start from scratch.
Model 310-410-304-304w Stack


When there is confidence in the security of an educational environment, students and staff can focus wholly on learning. Eagle Eye Networks makes it easy to strengthen security for every level of education, from kindergarten to university.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS simplifies video security management and provides a cost-effective, scalable solution. It lets you expand your security solution incrementally over time, so it’s fit for one campus or an entire district.

Other Benefits of the Video Management System

  • Manage multiple cameras, locations, and users from a single interface with centralized video management.

  • Upgrade equipment at a flexible price point with over 3,000 compatible cameras, including IP, analog, and HD over Coax models.

  • Access encrypted video remotely for 100% mobile and web browser viewing that’s fully secure.

  • Enjoy the security that meets your budget with flexible monthly or yearly payment plans.

  • Identify suspicious activity quickly with advanced video analytics.

  • Improve emergency response time by providing designated first responders with real-time security.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other medical facilities face many challenges in creating a welcoming environment for patients and visitors while maintaining a high level of security.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is a simple and effective tool to monitor valuable assets, and ensure staff meets all health and safety standards. Even more importantly, assistance in the identification process in an abduction or elopement situation with both team designation access (to assist in video review) and optional license plate recognition abilities.

Model 304-305 Stack

Why Choose the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

  • Remote access to cameras for easier monitoring of high-risk patients and proper staff compliance (Available on iOS and Android devices)

  • Continuous delivery of cybersecurity updates and improvements reduces demands on IT resources

  • Access to live and historical videos for better insight into supply management (such as drugs and PPE) and liability protection

  • Monitor restricted areas with best-in-class access control integrations from brands like Brivo and Salto


Local Government Units

Build a safer, smarter, more connected city using superior cloud‑based video surveillance. With the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Management System (VMS), city personnel can navigate between cameras in different locations easily. They can securely access video anytime and anywhere from any device. Employees can also use existing cameras or choose from more than 3,000 compatible cameras.

The Advantages for Your Organization

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is instantly available and infinitely scalable with AI. You can also:

  • Rapidly deploy 4G/5G video surveillance with reduced capital costs and ease of installation for large-scale projects

  • Access live and historical video across a large geographic area with a centralized camera management

  • Easily integrate with third‑party video analytics, license plate recognition systems, facial recognition systems, and more

  • Be confident with superior cybersecurity measures that include fully encrypted video during transmission and at rest

  • Predesignate first responders who can receive immediate real‑time access to security cameras, providing clear insight into emergencies


The nation is slowly going back to offices and face-to-face business interactions after months of lockdown and remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eagle Eye Networks can help you keep your employees and customers safe and healthy as we navigate the incremental reopening of the world together.

Eagle Eye Networks offers an array of analytic tools with the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS). The company provides valuable insights into your business as well as an open application programming interface (API) platform, making video available for use in other mission-critical applications.

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